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Playboy's Girls of Summer 1984

Playboy's Girls of Summer 1984

The word summer calls up scores of savory associations. Elke Sommer. Suzanne Somers. Donna Summer. Playboy's Girls of Summer. The qualities that draw us to all the above, beyond the alluring alliteratives—photogenic physiognomy, sultry sensuality, exquisite, explicit exhibition—are really more thermal than visual. The beauties of 20 or 30 years ago—Hitchcock's icy-blonde love goddesses, say—were fine for the onset of the Cold War and the cool of the Beat Generation, but the women we fancy today are attuned to the opposite end of the thermometer. They always seem to vanish during the colder months, but in summer they dominate the beach the way the sun rules the sky, attracting admirers like moths to a flame. They'll blister your eyes if you forget to blink. Playmates from the pages of PLAYBOY are among today's hottest. They have their own lives, occupations and zodiac signs, but in the volume at hand, they represent a modern archetype in all its forms—the Girl of Summer, who gives rise to that legend we've all heard about the summer that never ends. So slap a Beach .Boys cassette into the Walkman, dig out your most fluorescent Hawaiian shirt, get yourself a pitcher of cool lemonade and join us on the beach with Playboy's Girls of Summer.

Models Marianne Gravatte Pamela Zinszer Joni German Rodika Candelatto Ruth Guerri Veronica Gamba Erika Percoraro Angelica Heinrich Kelli Bowers Marlene Janssen Victoria Cooke Kym Herrin Lynda Wiesmeier Pamela Campbell Teri Peterson Debbie Boostrom Barbara Champion Mardi Jacquet Joni German Vicki Lasseter Tracy Vaccaro Susie Scott Heidi Sorenson Bobo Zuvic Vinka Skansi Connie Brighton Cathy St. George Marcy Hanson Dona Speir Tina Moore Lee Ann Michelle Christina Smith Missy Cleveland Karen Witter Karen Morton Sylvie Garant Ursula Buchfellner Carina Persson angelica Heinrich Michele Drake Alana Soares Linda Vaughn Anne-Marie Fox Terri Welles Care Felix Lisa Welch Tina Moore Sabine Mucha Marcy Hanson Lourdes Estores Denise Barbuto Rahnee Reiland Sonja Bartschi Laurie Williams Deanna Joy Kathryn Morrison Kelli Bowers Mirjana Vulic Cherie Jean Witter Monique St. Pierre Louann Fernald

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