Playboy Magazine December 1986 Brooke Shields - Playboy Magazine 1986

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Playboy Magazine December 1986 Brooke Shields

Playboy Magazine December 1986 Brooke Shields

Playmate of the Month Laurie Carr photographed by Arny Freytag.

Interview Bryant Gumbel by David Rensin.

20 Questions Koko (the Gorilla) by Robert Crane.

Features "Tango Americano" by Jorge Luis Borges "Haiti After Baby Doc" by Herbert Gold "Beating Wall Street" by John D. Spooner "Courting Disaster" by Ramsey Clark.

Patrick Demarchelier's Gorgeous Girls Brook Shields, Christie Brinkley, Jacqueline Bisset, Paulin Porizkova and Debra Winger (previously named not nude), Janet Jones (removing top, arm covering breast), Melanie Griffith (partially nude), Patti Hansen (nipple exposed).

Women of 701 Michelle Frank, Alora Axworthy, Rowena Burger, Joy McKendree, Angel Colbert, Tanya Phillips, Terri Minner, Yvette Mohrien, Sharon Gordon, Valora Sparks, Suzanne Sellers, Heather McKee and Laurie Marie Donnahue photographed by David Chan.

Sex Stars of 1986 Tom Cruse, Vanna White, Cybill Shepherd, Kathy Shower, Don Johnson, Grace Jones, Vanity, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Whitney Houston, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dolph Lundgren, Sybil Darring, Jim McMahon, Marla Collins, Heather Thomas, Brook Shields, Paulina Porizkova, Devin De Vasquez, Madonna, Sean Penn, Sylvester and Brigitte Stallone, The Duke and Duchess of YorkKelly McGillis, Rob Lowe, Bruce Willis and Kim Basinger (not all previously named are nude).

Barbara Crampton photographed by Richard Fegley, Brooke Shields (cover) photographed by Stephen Wayda.

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