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WWE Raw Magazine December 2004 Trish Stratus and Lita

Features 18 Diva Showdown For the past four years, Lita and Trish Stratus have been Raw's premiere Divas. With matters heating up betwen them, here's a look at the troubled relationship between these two and how they feel about it. 28 Benoit Battles Back There's nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal--especially a Rabid Wolverine! Chris Benoit is still hot on the trail of the World Championship. Learn how he plans to recapture the glory. 36 Ripped! When it comes to sheer muscularity, there may be no one in WWE who has it over Batista. We hit the gym with Evolution's enforcer to see just how he keeps his body looking the way it does. 46 Simon Says... Raw's most recent newcomer has a plan to change your life forever. Read all about Simon Dean and his Simon System, and what it could mean for you! 52 Mr. Benjamin Shelton Benjamin is back, and he's looking to continue to climb the ladder of success until he reaches the very top. Raw Superstars, beware, because Benjamin hasn't lost a step! Departments 2 Something You Didn't Know About The Hurricane 8 Letters to the Editor The readers speak 10 Spotlight A-Train 12 Ross From Ringside J.R.'s Raw take on things 16 Calendar WWE is hitting the road near you 56 Coach's Corner 'Tis the season... 58 Fantasy Warfare Tyson Tomko vs. Diesel 62 Game Time Blood Rayne II 64 The Finisher Triple H takes the cake

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